Comic Genesis: It’s hosted there

Battle Couple: Mors and Knell. Bittersweet Ending: Nailbat Though the titular hero dies, he saves the world, and gives Knell the courage to go on living Bunnies for Cuteness: Most of the main cast are bunnies. City Noir: It’s not called The Gritty City Stories for nothing. Comic Genesis: It’s hosted there. Valentin replica The […]

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If the Go Getter Girl is in high school, she is very often a Class Representative or Student Council President, as well as focused on entering the Ivy League, Oxbridge, or Tokyo University. (In fact, some evil creatures taste downright awful.). Godzilla Threshold: On SHINE 27, she talked as if Valifornia breaking Heidi Lovelace’s […]

Not even alternate versions of him are safe around the

Divergent Character Evolution: The Li’l Wolves went through this. Three Little Wolves introduced the Big Bad Wolf’s three sons, all of whom were just as determined to eat pork as their father. This short and its follow up, The Practical Pig, were changed in later adaptations to two Bad Li’l Wolves and one Good […]