water-treatmentWe are counted amongst the prompt growing reverse osmosis plant manufacturer and supplier in India. Reverse osmosis is also known as hyper filtration that can provide finest filtration. It helps in removing of small particles in the form of ions from a solution. Reverse osmosis is basically used to purify water by removing salts and other impurities from the water in order to improve the taste, color and properties of water. It can also be used to purify fluids like ethanol and glycol, which will go through the reverse osmosis membrane while rejection ions presence in the water body. The company has achieved a distinct position in the most competitive industry and gained a recognition as well established reverse osmosis plants manufacturer and supplier in India.

Types of Reverse osmosis Plant

» Industrial R.O. Plant
» Domestic R.O. Plant

The basic concept of Reverse Osmosis Plant is to purify water to its natural form i.e to preserve the original chemical composition of water in order to produce water fit for industrial & drinking purpose.Alfacool employ the latest membrane separation techniques for the above purpose. Membrane separation techniques or Reverse Osmosis Technology as it is known commonly involves purification of water by migration of water by molecular rejection of dissolved solids. In this, pre-treated water is pumped to the membrane at a certain pressure so as to reverse the process of osmosis. As a result of this pressure the pure water migrates from the concentrated portions to produce perfectly sterilized water.


»Raw Water Pump

» Pre-Filteration

»Pressure Sand Filter

»Activated Carbon Filter
» Spiral Wound Membranes
» Frp/SS Membrane Housing
» Cratridge Filter Housing
» Micron Cartridge Prefilter
» Epoxy Painted Steel/SS Frame
» Control Panel
» Status Lamps
» Filter Media

» Dosing Pump
» High Pressure Pump
» Motor Starter
» Low Pressure Switch
» High Pressure Switch