3The FRP/ Timber Natural traditional Cooling Towers are called as Fan less or Fill less Cooling Towers, because in this model no fan or fill is used to cool the water. 

In Timber atmospheric / Fan less Cooling tower , Treated wooden louvers were used as the side wall of the Cooling Tower to restrict the water spillage and allow the outside wind passage to go inside the Cooling Tower and act as the Cooling media. Simply says, in Fan less Cooling Towers the Hot water will be sprayed in the top of the Cooling Tower with spray nozzles into small droplets like mists and the droplets are crossed with the atmospheric wind flow to get the water cooled. The same technique is used in FRP Fan less / Natural Draft / Fill less Cooling Towers. Instead of costly timber louvers, FRP louvers are used. This Fan less cooling towers are very economically operating Cooling Tower. Since there is no fan or electric motor, there is no huge operating or maintenance cost involved in this Cooling Tower. And also in Energy efficiency point of view, this is the best Payback Cooling Tower when comparing with other models. 

And also very low noise operated Cooling Tower. The noises of other model cooling towers are due to Fan, Motor, Gear box and Drive shaft and its vibrations only. Since these models of Cooling Towers are not having Fan, motor, Gear boxes, this equipment has no trouble-some of noise and vibration. 

This model Cooling Towers are water saving and pollution free, safety with environmental protection

Method / Type  Fanless / Natural Draft Fan Motor Type
Sound free design Since no fan, motor and gear box it is low noise Cooling Tower than any other low noise type Cooling Tower. Since fan, motor and gear boxes are used, high noise and vibration
Method of Cooling Exhausting is enforced by Cooling water ejection and not by mechanical force. Cooling exhausted with the help of induced or forced draft fan motor and gear reducers.
Drift loss and dust control It keeps the drift loss between 0.001{cd350e8ed0b020edb6c94af9e0746c2c12789e9791b1a8267ad6a864f7f1623c} and 0.009{cd350e8ed0b020edb6c94af9e0746c2c12789e9791b1a8267ad6a864f7f1623c} depends on ejection pressure, water loss is 95{cd350e8ed0b020edb6c94af9e0746c2c12789e9791b1a8267ad6a864f7f1623c} less than of traditional tower More dust possibilities and more drift losses than Fan less towers because Fan motor force is there. 
Vibration Level No vibration Higher vibration and vibration proof and control are required. 
Internals and Structures No costly structural and no internals like fills, etc., Heavy type structural is required being motor system is used and Cooling is achieved only by using internal fills. 
Power Consumption No fan is required, but higher pumping head is required. But overall power consumption will be very less than that of Fan operated towers Small pumping head but Fan operation power consumption will be more
Operating & maintenance Cost All the tower parts are non-moving parts and anti corrosive. No power or consumables required. Electrical motor maintenance and consumables are unavoidable.