Mix Bed Plant is an Ion exchange technology used to refine the dm water quality/ remove salts (cations and anions) from water. Soluble chemical compounds, when dissolved in water, become ionized; that is their molecules dissociate into positively and negatively charged components called ions.

Mix bed unit increase the electricity resistance power in water and improve the conductivity of water. This water does not pass the electricity.

This water widely used where the electrical and electronics component required cooling. It also used for plating industry. 

When we use this water then no scaling occurred.

These plants are two types,

  1. Regeneration Type
  2. Non Regeneration Type (Mix Bed Cartridge)


  1. Induction Furnaces
  2. Induction Heaters
  3. Plating Industry
  4. Plastic Industry
  5. Medical industry
  6. Sugar Mills
  7. DG Set
  8. Battery Industry
  9. Pharmaceuticals
  10. Steel Plants