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Air Cooled Chilling Plant

AlfacoolTM offer a comprehensive range of  Air Cooled chilling plants. This type of chiller represents the ideal solution for the water/ oil cooling of Industrial process. Air cooled chilling Systems are designed to facilitate quick installation for all packaged chilled water system requirements. Our chillers are designed and developed by our experts and meet international quality standards. Further, they are highly acknowledged for their unique features and cost-effectiveness.

Air cooled Chilling Plant is being manufactured from 1 TR to 30 TR capacity in compact design covering minimum floor area.

Our Air cooled Chilling plants have different features details as below:

We are using Reciprocating / Scroll compressor / Semi Hermetic compressor

Compact design Fins & Tube. Low Pressure, High Pressure switch are being provided for the safety of plant. Thermostat is also provided for Electronics / Automatic tripping when temperature gets maintained.

Condensed liquid refrigerant is being expanded in DX Type Chiller through expansion valve. Water is being circulated through Chiller shell side having baffles arrangement/ brazed PHE type/ coil in tank , chiller is also being manufactured and tested hydrostatically at 20 Kg/cm² pressure.

Technical Specification

Model CHA-1 CHA-2 CHA-3 CHA-5 CHA- 7.5 CHA- 10 CHA- 15 CHA- 20 CHA- 25 CHA- 30
Refrigeration capacity 1 TR 2 TR 3TR 5TR 7.5TR 10TR 15TR 20TR 25TR 30TR
Chilled water flow (LPH) 600 1200 1800 3000 4500 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000
Temperature Difference 5°-20°C
Power supply 415V, 50Hz, AC, 3PH
Compressor Reciprocating/Scroll/Semi Hermatic/Open Type
Chiller Shell & Tube/ Dx-Type/Coil in Tank
Condenser Air Cooled